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I belong to the Comparative genomics group headed by Chris Ponting.

My current research interests include

  • Comparative genomics within and between clades.
  • Evolutionary rate estimation.
  • Visualization of genomic data.

Table of contents

Scientific career

1992/1996Student of Biotechnology at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany
1996/1997Trainee in Haruki Nakamura's group at the Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute (BERI), Osaka
1998/2002PhD at the EBI in Hinxton, Cambridge
2002/2004PostDoc in Liisa Holm's Bioinformatics group at the University of Helsinki, Finland
2004/presentInvestigator scientist in the Comparative genomics group at the MRC Functional Genetics Unit, Oxford, Uk


I mostly program in python, C++ and perl. I build pipelines using shell scripts, unix tools and makefiles. I have built a few web-servers using zope. The software I have written is open-source and I am happy to assist with requests. Software availabe for download as is are:
RADAR C A program to find repeats in protein sequences.
ADDA C++ An algorithm to find domains in protein sequences.
alignlib C++ A C++ library with python bindings for classic sequence alignment.


I have been involved in the following projects:
OPTIC OPTIC: Orthologous and paralogous transcripts in clades.
Platypus genome analysis Assisting Chris Ponting with gene prediction and orthology analysis.
Monodelphis genome analysis Assisting Chris Ponting and Leo Goodstadt with gene prediction and analysis.
Comparative genomics of fruit flies Gene prediction, orthology and rate analysis in 12 fruit flies. See also the AAA Wiki
ADDA An algorithm to find domains in protein sequences (and a database).
PairsDB A database of all-vs-all pre-computed BLAST and PSIBLAST alignments.
Global Trace Graph A method for fold prediction.
RADAR A program to find repeats in protein sequences.
RSDB A database of non-redundant protein sequences at different levels of similarity.


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Private Matter

I play Ultimate Frisbee in Reading and Oxford for a team called Discuits.
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